Group Classes


Four on the Floor is excited to now offer a variety of group classes! All group classes

will require a free “meet & greet” to make sure you and your dog are group class material. As with all classes at Four on the Floor clickers and notebooks to chronicle your lessons, homework, and progress are included. Minimum of 3 puppies/dogs required for classes with set weekly times. 

Group Classes

Four on the Floor Group Walks


6 Weeks @ 1 hour per week Course

  • Meet at different dog friendly locations each week
  • Practice skill of meeting strangers while out & about
  • Work on leash etiquette
  • Good manners in the real world while getting exercise 

Four on the Floor Puppy Party!


6 Weeks @ 1 hour per Course

  • For puppies 6 months and under 
  • Not a puppy free for all but real life training in a group setting
  • Socializing & Enrichment games 
  • All the “basics” like sit, stay, come.

Four on the Floor Brain Games


6 Weeks @ 1 hour per Week Course

  • For puppies and dogs over 6 months who have had training 
  • Fine tune all of the basics  
  • Enrichment games to tire the brain and body
  • Focus on positive play & socialization
  • Developing enhanced skills