Heidi Clayton



I began my journey with training dogs when I got my first Bull Terrier - Baby Bully. I wanted to embrace his Bull Terrier spirit while somehow getting him on board with behaving! Through Baby Bully I met my mentors in Bull Terrier and dog training and these relationships have shaped my training philosophy to focus on positive motivation-based training. I was determined to figure out the why and how Bull Terriers behaved in the goofy way that they do and forge relationships with them that made them want to work and show for me and with me. I breed, train, and show my own Bull Terriers. I have never used a single harsh method to get a single title for any of my dogs and I never will. I do not look at training dogs as a hobby or pastime. Dogs are my life. I spend my time at dog shows, or traveling with Jane Killion of Puppy Culture, When Pigs Fly Dog Training & Madcap Bull Terriers for seminars - or working with my own dogs, and talking dogs with other owners every single day. I recently retired from the Atlantic City Police Department after working there for 25 years to support my dog loving travels and activities! 



Since I was little, I watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. As a kid I remember being so impressed by the handler-dog bond – they seemed float along together as one unit. When I brought my first show dog, Sora home I was determined to be the one that handled her at dog shows. I soon found that training a show dog properly is no easy task – and training a Bull Terrier, a playful and exuberant breed, can be even more challenging!

Since my early days of showing my sweet Sora – all the way to her AKC Championship – I have been fortunate to have the privilege of showing her children and grandchildren to their championships. All of the dogs I handle are trained, from birth, by me and it brings a huge sense of pride that all of Sora’s line are breeder/owner handled. 



Bull Terriers very slowly took over all aspects of my life. And, I do not just show dogs, I live them. Whelping my own litters are some of the most cherished times and memories of my life. Watching my SoraBully’s puppies thrive with their families is an incredibly rewarding experience. 

Training starts almost from birth - because Bull Terriers, quite frankly are mischievous handfuls. All too soon it became quite necessary to up my game and dive further educating myself on how to best train them. Not just the standard sit, stay, come, but the how and the why to get any of those behaviors to happen. 

What is most rewarding, for me, is placing a well adjusted and happy Bull Terrier with their family and watching them thrive. Dogs are more then just a lifestyle for me…they are my heart!



Four on the Floor is a result of my own struggles to find a reputable and kind dog trainer in our area. I am passionate about giving every dog, even the difficult ones, a voice and the skills they need to thrive in life. 

Every person who signs up with Four on the Floor does not just have me but my entire support team of experts in dogs and dog health. We know people love their pets and that sometimes owning a new dog or puppy can be daunting and frustrating. I live with four Bull Terriers, trust me I get it. 

My promise to my clients is that Four on the Floor classes will benefit you, your family, and most importantly your dog.