Client Testimonials


Four on the Floor gave us the tools and training needed to teach our puppy. From week to week, if you spend the time training your dog, you will easily see the difference. They loved our puppy and gave her the confidence needed to succeed. Can't thank them enough for giving us a well behaved dog!!! 

Nichole, Kim & Tequila


Wonderful, warm trainers!

We did it several times!  It is worth it!  

Marilyn, Marvin & Matty


We thought that positive reinforcement had to be better than punishment. Sure enough, as soon as we found Four on the Floor, we knew that our sweet Mr Magic (and his parents - us) had chosen well. 

And, then we learned about ‘clicker’ training being the universal positive reinforcement. We were winners!  More importantly, Mr Magic was the winner!

Thank you Four on the Floor!

Ed, Linda & Mr. Magic


Best place to bring your dog for training. Amazing results!

Denise & Piper


When Jameson came home with us he was a energetic little guy but wasn’t so sure about how to handle human interaction. His confidence was low and he needed to learn to trust people. He wasn’t very patient waiting for treats and only developed a basic understanding of “sit” and “paw.” He couldn’t sit or lay on the couch with us without nipping or jumping around all over us. 

Within a week of training at Four on The Floor there were noticeable changes in our little guy. He began to focus more on us and what we were asking of him, and learned that he would be rewarded for his desired behaviors. From there he made exponential progression. He became fond of people petting him and stopped nipping and being untrustworthy of humans. He also learned he would be rewarded for keeping all four paws on the floor! As we trained more, he paid more and more attention to us and increased his patience and obedience. He developed from a puppy who may or may not listen in to a dog who is consistent and focused. His confidence skyrocketed and he took on new challenges like the puppy tunnel and unstable surfaces.  

Four on the Floor focuses on using POSITIVE reinforcement and never use punishment to shape a dog’s behavior. We truly believe that because of this method, Jameson was able to develop obedience and confidence in a rapid yet effective way. Today, we have a 80+ pound dog who is still energetic and playful but is able to focus and be obedient as well. Without the training of Four on The Floor, I don’t know that we would have been able to control his size, strength, and energy. Many thanks to Four on the Floor for their dedication and compassion with Jameson!

Jack, Jennifer & Jameson


I highly highly recommend Four On The Floor!  Bailey, our puppy loved going to school and she parked her butt down when it was time to leave. They were professional, reliable, loving,caring and put my mind to ease. They truly love dogs and love what they do. 

Terri & Bailey